Commercial roofing systems for commercial roofs


Protecting your customers, commercial roof from foul weather elements is essential to staying in business!

If a commercial roof gets damaged due to heavy rain or accumulated snowfall their business could suffer a temporary shutdown.Business interruption insurance isn't cheap!

By providing your customers with a commercial grade, waterproofing, commercial roof coating system for their roof, by using a liquid applied elastomeric roof coating.

There are a number of options for commercial roofing materials including sheet metal (steel, aluminum and copper), asphalt shingles, tile and slate shingles, all of which can be coated with a liquid rubber coating system like those that Conklin offer. When left on its own these materials will tend to wear down do to the elements.

Keep your customers business running even during the harshest of winters and hot summers sun and rain by effectively sealing their roof with a high quality Conklin roof coatings. 


"I attended Conklin Roof Systems Training in 2005. After I returned I earned$20,000 on my first project, a bowling alley. I did the job in two weeks with two helpers." Mike Stout, IL


Conklin Roofing Contractors are seeing more
opportunities than ever before!

"After being certified with Conklin I earned almost $1000 per day for nine days with just one helper on a metal roof job. I've never done that in 30 years with shingling!" Elmer Dowling, WI


We are building a network of commercial roof contractors nationwide who install Conklin roofing systems. We help both new and experienced contractors looking to enter the commercial roofing industry, by making sure they understand the commercial roofing industry. Each contractor will go through a very intense 2 day training program conducted by the Conklin Company at their headquarters in Kansas City, MO

Becoming a part of our contractor network team grants you access to the entire Conklin roofing systems products at a factory wholesale level. This means more profit for you and your business, along with other added benefits as well, such as access to our Team support system to get all your questions answered.

Other benefits of joining our team:

  • Help with Marketing
  • We will walk you through the bidding process
  • Help with the sales process
  • Help with the application of a roofing system
  • A Team with over 40 years of experience 
  • Access to use this website for your marketing

As you can see, we really do have everything covered.

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When you become a part of our Conklin Team, you and your customers gain access to all of these great benefits and more.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with

commercial roofing, give one of us a call today!