Roof Coatings for Contractors

Who is Conklin?

A commercial roofing industry pioneer and leader, Conklin is recognized for helping both newcomers and seasoned roofers achieve their business dreams. We provide a broad range of high quality, innovative roofing systems, training and support, non pro-rated material warranties and exceptional rewards — everything ambitious contractors need to jumpstart their careers and change their lifestyles.


Conklin Roofing Contractors are seeing more opportunities than ever.

When budgets are tight, commercial building owners will defer new construction in favor of maintaining existing structures. Most flat or low-pitch roofs needing repair are potential customers for Conklin Roofing systems, making this a wide-open opportunity for an existing or start-up business.

You can learn how to apply Conklin products at Conklin’s Roof Systems Training, a one-day classroom training for roofing contractors and Conklin Independent Business Owners. Extensive training materials offered during this course gives further in-depth technical information on each roofing system, application methods and recommendations for settling up and managing your Conklin Roofing Systems business. Plus, you can speak to experienced Conklin roofing contractors and technical specialists who will help answer your questions.


"I attended Conklin Roof Systems Training in 2005. After I returned I earned$20,000 on my first project, a bowling alley. I did the job in two weeks with two helpers." Mike Stout, IL


Ground-level opportunity Sky-high rewards

"After being certified with Conklin I earned almost $1000 per day for nine days with just one helper on a metal roof job. I've never done that in 30 years with shingling!" Elmer Dowling, WI


Each of our Roofing Systems has been chosen not only for how well it protects but how profitable it is to apply. Some of these systems are ideal for those just starting up. In many cases, the only equipment required are brushes, rollers or sprayers.

Whether you need to learn basic roofing techniques or just want a quick refresher, Conklin offers the best training in the industry. And our network marketing system provides you with a strong, accessible support system comprised of accomplished roofing contractors happy to offer guidance, loan you equipment and more. That way, you can be confident in your ability from the moment you apply your first Conklin roof.

By becoming a part of our contractor network team grants you access to the entire Conklin roofing systems products at a factory wholesale level. This means more profit for you and your business, along with other added benefits as well, such as access to our Team support system to get all your questions answered.

Other benefits of joining our team:

  • Help with Marketing
  • We will walk you through the bidding process
  • Help with the sales process
  • Help with the application of a roofing system
  • A Team with over 40 years of experience 
  • Access to use this website for your marketing

As you can see, we really do have everything covered.

Are you looking for an honest business opportunity with a solid history?
Then find out how you can integrate Conklin products into your existing roofing business

When you become a part of our Conklin Team, you and your customers gain access to all of these great benefits and more.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with

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